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Motorsport & ATV Insurance

In 2013, there were an estimated 99,600 ATV-related, emergency department-treated injuries in the United States.*

Some of the most popular hobbies may need some of the most inclusive insurance policies. If you own a high-performance car or ATV, insurance companies have developed policies to cover these adventurous activities. There are many different types of motorsport and ATV insurance, depending on the amount of coverage a client wants to purchase. Most policies include liability, collision, comprehensive, and motorist coverage. Depending on your vehicle, some riders decide also to include equipment coverage.

For the majority of the time, high-performance race cars and ATVs are in storage, in transit, or undergoing repairs or modifications. Because of this, motorsport and ATV insurance differs from standard auto insurance.

*“2013 Annual Report of A TV-Related Deaths and Injuries.” Consumer Product Safety Commission. 2013.