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Life Insurance

80% of Americans overestimate how much life insurance costs.*

Life insurance helps you protect your family and their future in the event of unforeseen death. Depending on the coverage, certain life insurance policies (or a combination of policies) can provide a family financial security, a retirement income stream, and/or cash value you can use when you need it. In addition to loss protection, the insured can leave behind a tax-free legacy to their beneficiaries.

There are a number of different types of coverage, including term, whole life, universal life, and accidental death insurance. These various types are chosen by individuals and families based on their circumstances, needs, and financial goals. Whichever coverage you choose, you can feel more confident knowing you’re prepared for unexpected life events.

*“The No. 1 Reason People Don’t Buy Life Insurance and Why They Are Wrong.” Life Happens. April 2015.